Philemon and Hebrews Minor Variants

Reference KJV(Byz) NASV (other manuscripts)
Phm. 1:6 “in you in Christ Jesus” “in you for Christ’s sake”
Phm. 1:7 “we have great joy” “I have come to have much joy”
Heb. 3:1 “Christ Jesus” “Jesus”
Heb. 3:10 “that generation” this generation
Heb. 4:7 “said” “said before”
Heb. 5:3 “by reason hereof” “because of it”
Heb. 6:10 “work and labour of love” “work and the love”
Heb. 6:16 “men verily swear” “men swear”
Heb. 7:14 “priesthood” “priests”
Heb. 8:4 “priests that offer gifts” “those who offer the gifts”
Heb. 8:4 “the law” “the Law”
Heb. 8:12 “their sins and their iniquities” their sins
Heb. 10:9 “O God” (phrase not included)
Heb. 10:15 “after that he had said before” “after saying”
Heb. 10:16 “their minds” their mind
Heb. 10:30 “saith the Lord” (phrase not included)
Heb. 11:11 “and was delivered of a child” (phrase not included)