Matthew Minor Variants

Reference KJV(Byz ) NASV (other manuscripts)
Matt. 1:6 "David the king" "David"
Matt. 1:18 "as his mother" "His mother"
Matt. 3:10 "also the axe" "the axe"
Matt. 5:25 "judge deliver thee to the officer" "judge to the officer"
Matt. 5:30 "cast into hell" "go into hell"
Matt. 7:9 "if" "when"
Matt. 7:29 "the scribes" "their scribes"
Matt. 8:2 "came" "came to Him"
Matt. 8:29 "Jesus, thou Son of God" "Son of God"
Matt. 9:13 "sinners to repentance" "sinners"
Matt. 9:24 "He said unto them" "He said"
Matt. 9:35 "every disease among the people" "every kind of sickness"
Matt. 11:10 "For this is" "This is"
Matt. 11:16 "and calling unto" "who call out to"
Matt. 12:31 "forgiven unto men" "forgiven"
Matt. 12:36 "men shall speak" "people speak"
Matt. 13:22 "this world" "the world"
Matt. 13:36 "Then Jesus" "Then He"
Matt. 13:37 "said unto them" "said"
Matt. 13:44 "Again, the kingdom" "the kingdom"
Matt. 13:46 "Who, when he had found" "and upon finding"
Matt. 14:14 "Jesus went" "He went"
Matt. 14:15 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 14:22 "Jesus constrained his disciples" "He made the disciples"
Matt. 14:25 "Jesus went" "He Came"
Matt. 14:33 "came and worshipped" "worshiped"
Matt. 14:34 "came into the land" "came to land"
Matt. 15:8

"draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and"

(phrase not included)
Matt. 15:14 "leaders of the blind" "guides"
Matt. 15:22 "cried unto him" "began to cry out"
Matt. 15:33 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 15:36 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 16:3 "O ye hypocrites" (phrase not included)
Matt. 16:4 "of the prophet Jonas" "of Jonah"
Matt. 16:5 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 16:8 "Jesus ... said unto them" "Jesus ... said"
Matt. 16:19 "And I will give" "I will give"
Matt. 16:20 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 16:26 "what is a man profited" "what will it profit a man"
Matt. 17:11

"Jesus answered . . . said unto them . . . shall first come"

"He answered . . . said . . . is coming"

Matt. 17:24 "pay tribute" "pay the . . . tax"
Matt. 18:2 "Jesus called a . . . child" "He called a child"
Matt. 18:28 "Pay me" "Pay back"
Matt. 18:29 "fell down at his feet" "fell"
Matt. 18:35 "forgive . . . their trespasses" "forgive"
Matt. 19:25 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 20:7

"and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive"

(phrase not included)
Matt. 20:15 "Is thine eye evil" "Or is your eye envious"
Matt. 20:34 "their eyes received sight" "they regained their sight"
Matt. 22:7 "when the king heard thereof, he was wroth" "the king was enraged"
Matt. 22:13 "take him away" (phrase not included)
Matt. 22:27 "the woman died also" "the woman died"
Matt. 22:35 "tempting him, and saying" "testing Him"
Matt. 22:37 "Jesus said unto him" "He said to him"
Matt. 23:3 "bid you observe, that observe and do" "tell you, do and observe"
Matt. 23:7 "Rabbi, Rabbi" "Rabbi"
Matt. 23:8 "one is your Master, even Christ" "One is your Teacher"
Matt. 23:19 "Ye fools and blind" "You blind men"
Matt. 23:34 "and some of them" "some of them"
Matt. 24:2 "Jesus said unto them" "He said to them"
Matt. 24:27 "so shall also" "so will"
Matt. 24:28 "For wheresoever" "wherever"
Matt. 24:39 "so shall also" "so will"
Matt. 24:40 "the one . . . the one" "one . . . one"
Matt. 25:4 "in their vessels" "in flasks"
Matt. 25:16 "made them other five" "gained five more"
Matt. 25:17 "also gained other two" "gained two more"
Matt. 25:20 "beside them five talents more" "five more talents"
Matt. 25:22 "two other talents beside them" "two more talents"
Matt. 25:31 "holy angels" "angels"
Matt. 26:3 "and the scribes" (phrase not included)
Matt. 25:8 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 26:17 "saying unto him, Where" "asked, “Where"
Matt. 26:22 "every one of them" "each one"
Matt. 26:42 "this cup . . . away from me" "this . . . away"
Matt. 26:44 "same words" "same thing once more"
Matt. 26:45 "his disciples" "the disciples"
Matt. 26:53 "cannot now pray" "cannot appeal"
Matt. 26:55 "with you teaching" "teaching"
Matt. 26:59 "and elders" (phrase not included)
Matt. 26:60

"many false witnesses came, yet found they none"

"many false witnesses came forward"
Matt. 26:60 "came two false witnesses" "two came forward"
Matt. 26:63 "high priest answered and said" "high priest said"
Matt. 26:75 "said unto him" "said"
Matt. 27:2 "Pontius Pilate" "Pilate"
Matt. 27:23 "the governor said" "he said"
Matt. 27:34 "gave him vinegar" "gave him wine"
Matt. 27:58 "commanded the body to be delivered" "ordered it to be given"
Matt. 27:64 "disciples come by night" "disciples may come"
Matt. 28:2 "from the door" (phrase not included)