Gospel of Mark Minor Variants (Ch. 1-9)

Reference KJV(Byz ) NASV (other manuscripts)
Mark 1:2 "thy way before thee" "YOUR WAY"
Mark 1:5 "they of Jerusalem" "all the people of Jerusalem"
Mark 1:8 "I indeed have baptized you" "I baptized you"
Mark 1:13 "there in the wilderness" "in the wilderness"
Mark 1:16 "he walked" "He was going along"
Mark 1:19 "further thence" "farther"
Mark 1:23 "there was" "Just then there was"
Mark 1:24 "Let us alone" (phrase not included)
Mark 1:31 "immediately the fever left her" "the fever left her"
Mark 1:38 "into the next towns" "somewhere else to the towns nearby"
Mark 1:42 "And as soon as he had spoken" (phrase not included)
Mark 2:1 "and it was noised" "it was heard"
Mark 2:2 "straightway many were gathered together" "many were gathered together"
Mark 2:11 "Arise, and take up" "get up, pick up"
Mark 2:12 "immediately he arose, took up the bed"

"he got up and immediately picked up the pallet"

Mark 2:17 "sinners to repentance" "sinners"
Mark 2:20 "in those days" "in that day"
Mark 2:21 "No man also" "No one"
Mark 3:5 "whole as the other" (phrase not included)
Mark 3:8 "they about Tyre" "the vicinity of Tyre"
Mark 3:15 "to heal sicknesses" (phrase not included)
Mark 3:31 "his brethren and his mother" "His mother and His brothers"
Mark 3:35 "my sister" "sister"
Mark 4:11 "given to know the mystery" "given the mystery"
Mark 4:12 "their sins should be forgiven them" "they might . . . be forgiven"
Mark 4:18 "such as hear the word"

"these are the ones who have heard the word"

Mark 4:19 "this world" "the world"
Mark 4:20 "these are they" "those are the ones"
Mark 4:34 "his disciples" "His own disciples"
Mark 4:37 "the ship . . . it" "the boat . . . the boat"
Mark 5:5 "the mountains . . . the tombs" "the tombs . . . the mountains"
Mark 5:9 "he answered" "he said to Him"
Mark 5:12 "all the devils" "The demons"
Mark 5:13 "forthwith Jesus gave them leave" "Jesus gave them permission"
Mark 5:19 "Jesus suffered him not" "He did not let him"
Mark 5:22 "And, behold" (phrase not included)
Mark 5:25 "a certain woman" "a woman"
Mark 5:40 "where the damsel was lying" "where the child was"
Mark 5:42

"they were astonished with a great astonishment"

"immediately they were completely astounded"

Mark 6:11 "whosoever shall not receive you" "Any place that does not receive you"
Mark 6:16 "John, . . . : he is risen from the dead" "John . . . has risen"
Mark 6:32 "by ship" "in the boat"
Mark 6:36

"buy themselves bread: for they have nothing to eat"

"buy themselves something to eat"
Mark 7:2

"with . . . unwashen . . . hands, they found fault"

"with . . . hands . . . unwashed"
Mark 7:4 "and of tables" (phrase not included)
Mark 7:5 "Then the Pharisees . . ." "The Pharisees . . ."
Mark 7:6 "He answered and said unto them" "He said to them"
Mark 7:14 "called all" "called . . . again"
Mark 7:25 "came and fell" "immediately came and fell"
Mark 7:27 "Jesus said" "He was saying"
Mark 7:30 "she found . . . her daughter" "she found the child"
Mark 8:1 "multitude . . . very great" "again a large crowd"
Mark 8:9 "they that had eaten" (phrase not included)
Mark 8:13 "entering into the ship" "embarked"
Mark 8:16 "saying" (word not included)
Mark 8:17 "heart yet hardened" "hardened heart"
Mark 8:20 "they said, Seven" "they said to Him, “Seven"
Mark 8:21 "How is it that ye do not understand?" "Do you not yet understand?”
Mark 8:25 “made him look up” “he looked intently”
Mark 8:28 “they answered” “They told Him”
Mark 8:29 “he saith unto them” “He continued by questioning them”
Mark 8:35 “the same shall save it” “will save it”
Mark 9:3 “white as snow” “white”
Mark 9:6 “. . .to say; for they were sore afraid” “. . .to answer; for they became terrified”
Mark 9:12 “he answered and told them” “He said to them”
Mark 9:16 “he asked the scribes” “He asked them”
Mark 9:17 “answered and said” “answered Him”
Mark 9:21 “Of a child” “From childhood”
Mark 9:29 “prayer and fasting” “prayer”
Mark 9:31 “he shall rise the third day” “He will rise three days later”
Mark 9:33

“What was it that ye disputed among yourselves”

“What were you discussing”
Mark 9:47 “hell fire” “hell”