Gospel of Mark Minor Variants (Ch. 10-16)

Reference KJV(Byz ) NASV (other manuscripts)
Mark 10:5 “Jesus answered and said” “Jesus said”
Mark 10:10 “his disciples” “the disciples”
Mark 10:20 “he answered and said” “he said”
Mark 10:29 “or wife” (phrase not included)
Mark 10:34 “the third day” “three days later”
Mark 10:46

“blind Bartimaeus . . . sat by the highway side begging”

“blind beggar named Bartimaeus . . . was sitting by the road”

Mark 10:52 “followed Jesus” began following Him”
Mark 11:2 “never man sat” “no one yet has ever sat”
Mark 11:8

“branches off the trees, and strawed them in the way”

“branches which they had cut from the fields”
Mark 11:9 “cried, saying, Hosanna” “shouting: “Hosanna! . . . ”
Mark 11:10

“kingdom . . . that cometh in the name of the Lord”

“coming kingdom”
Mark 11:14 “Jesus . . . said unto it” “He said to it”
Mark 11:15 “Jesus went into the temple” “He entered the temple”
Mark 11:23 “he shall have whatsoever he saith” “it will be granted him”
Mark 11:29 “Jesus answered and said unto them” “Jesus said to them”
Mark 11:31 “Why then did ye not believe him?” “why did you not believe him?”
Mark 11:33 “Jesus answering saith unto them” “Jesus said to them”
Mark 12:4 “they cast stones, and wounded him” “they wounded him”
Mark 12:5 “again he sent another” “he sent another”
Mark 12:6 “one son, his wellbeloved” “one . . . a beloved son”
Mark 12:17 “Jesus answering said unto them” “Jesus said to them”
Mark 12:19 “take his wife” marry the wife
Mark 12:21 “neither left he any seed” “leaving behind no children”
Mark 12:22 “the seven had her” “all seven”
Mark 12:24 “Jesus answering said” “Jesus said”
Mark 12:29 “The first of all the commandments is “The foremost is”
Mark 12:30 “this is the first commandment” (phrase not included)
Mark 12:31 “the second is like, namely this” “The second is this”
Mark 12:33 “and with all the soul” (phrase not included)
Mark 12:33 “more” “much more”
Mark 12:38 “he said unto them” “He was saying”
Mark 13:2 “Jesus answering said” “Jesus said”
Mark 13:5 “Jesus answering them began to say” “Jesus began to say to them”
Mark 13:11 “neither do ye premeditate” (phrase not included)
Mark 11:14 “spoken of by Daniel the prophet” (phrase not included)
Mark 11:15 “go down into the house” “go down”
Mark 11:18 “pray ye that your flight be not in the winter” “pray that it may not happen in the winter”
Mark 13:27 “his angels” “the angels”
Mark 14:4 “and said” (phrase not included)
Mark 14:5 “it” “this perfume”
Mark 14:14 “the guestchamber” “My guest room”
Mark 14:16 “his disciples” “the disciples”
Mark 14:19 “and another said, Is it I?” (phrase not included)
Mark 14:20 “he answered and said” “He said”
Mark 14:21 “The Son of man” “For the Son of man”
Mark 14:22 “Jesus took bread” “He took some bread”
Mark 14:22 “Take, eat” “Take it
Mark 14:27 “because of me this night” (phrase not included)
Mark 14:31 “more vehemently” “insistently”
Mark 14:40 “when he returned” “again He came”
Mark 14:43 “great multitude” “crowd”
Mark 14:45 “Master, master” “Rabbi”
Mark 14:46 “their hands” “hands”
Mark 14:51 “the young men laid hold on him” “they seized him”
Mark 14:52 “fled from them” “escaped”
Mark 14:65

“the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands”

“the officers received Him with slaps in the face

Mark 14:70 “and thy speech agreeth thereto (phrase not included)
Mark 14:72 “the cock crew” “Immediately a rooster crowed”
Mark 15:14 “the more exceedingly” “all the more”
Mark 15:23 “they gave him to drink” “They tried to give Him”
Mark 16:19 “Lord” “Lord Jesus”