Gospel of Luke Minor Variants

Reference KJV(Byz ) NASV (other manuscripts)

Luke 1:28 “the angel came in unto her, and said” “coming in, he said to her”
Luke 1:29

“when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying”

“she was very perplexed at this statement”
Luke 1:42 “she spake out” “she cried out”
Luke 1:76 “go before the face of the Lord”

“go on before the Lord

Luke 2:5 “Mary his espoused wife” “Mary, who was engaged to him”
Luke 2:40 “the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit”

“The Child continued to grow and become strong”

Luke 2:42 “they went up to Jerusalem” “they went up there
Luke 2:43 “Joseph and his mother” “His parents”
Luke 3:4 “words of Esaias the prophet, saying” “words of Isaiah the prophet”
Luke 3:22 “a voice came from heaven, which said” “a voice came out of heaven”
Luke 4:2 “he afterward hungered” “He became hungry”
Luke 4:5

“the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, . . .”

“he led Him up and . . .”
Luke 4:8 “Get thee behind me, Satan:” (phrase not included)
Luke 4:34 “Saying, Let us alone;” “Let us alone!”
Luke 4:41 “Thou art Christ the Son of God.” “You are the Son of God!”
Luke 5:5 “said unto him” “said”
Luke 5:15 “to be healed by him” “to be healed”
Luke 5:20 “he said unto him” “He said”
Luke 5:30 “their scribes and Pharisees” “The Pharisees and their scribes”
Luke 5:34 “he said unto them” “Jesus said to them”
Luke 5:36

“No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old”

“No one tears a piece of cloth from a new garment and puts it on an old garment”

Luke 6:2 “Pharisees said unto them” “Pharisees said”
Luke 6:2 “not lawful to do” “not lawful”
Luke 6:25 “Woe unto you that are full!” “Woe to you who are well-fed now”
Luke 6:45 “evil treasure of his heart” “evil treasure
Luke 7:6 “the centurion sent friends to him” “the centurion sent friends”
Luke 7:22 “Jesus answering said unto them” “He answered and said to them”
Luke 7:44 “the hairs of her head” “her hair”
Luke 8:9 “asked him, saying” began questioning Him”
Luke 8:20 “it was told him by certain which said” “it was reported to Him”
Luke 8:30 “Jesus asked him, saying” “Jesus asked him”
Luke 8:40 “it came to pass” (phrase not included)
Luke 8:47 “declared unto him before all the people” “declared in the presence of all the people”
Luke 8:48: “be of good comfort” (phrase not included)
Luke 8:49 “saying to him” “saying”
Luke 8:50 “answered him, saying” “answered him”
Luke 8:51 “to go in” “to enter with Him”
Luke 8:54 “put them all out” (phrase not included)
Luke 9:7 “all that was done by him” “all that was happening”
Luke 9:27 “some standing here” “some of those standing here”
Luke 9:43 “all things which Jesus did” “all that He was doing”
Luke 9:57 “And it came to pass” (phrase not included)
Luke 9:57 “Lord, I will follow” “I will follow”
Luke 9:60 “Jesus said unto him” “He said to him”
Luke 10:11 “cleaveth on us” “clings to our feet”
Luke 10:35

“on the morrow when he departed, he took out . . .”

“On the next day he took out . . .”
Luke 10:35 “said unto him” “said”
Luke 10:38 “Now it came to pass, as they went” “Now as they were traveling along”
Luke 11:29 “This is an evil generation” “This generation is a wicked generation”
Luke 11:29 “Jonas the prophet” “Jonah”
Luke 11:42 “scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” (phrase not included)
Luke 11:53 “And as he said these things unto them” “When He left there”
Luke 11:54 “seeking” (word not included)
Luke 11:54 “that they might accuse him” (phrase not included)
Luke 12:15 “covetousness” “every form of greed”
Luke 12:18 “all my fruits” “all my grain”
Luke 12:24 “fowls?” “birds!”
Luke 12:38 “the third watch” “the third”
Luke 12:41 “Peter said unto him” “Peter said”
Luke 12:47 “prepared not himself, neither” “did not get ready or”
Luke 12:53 “against her mother in law” “against mother-in-law”
Luke 13:24 “strait gate” “narrow door”
Luke 14:3 “sabbath day?” “Sabbath, or not?”
Luke 14:5 “answered them, saying” “said to them”
Luke 14:21 “that servant” “the slave”
Luke 14:22 “as thou hast commanded” “what you commanded”
Luke 14:34 “Salt is good” “Therefore, salt is good”
Luke 15:22 “Bring forth the best robe” “Quickly bring out the best robe”
Luke 16:1 “his disciples” “the disciples”
Luke 16:29 “Abraham saith unto him” “Abraham said”
Luke 17:1 “the disciples” “his disciples”
Luke 17:4 “seven times in a day turn again to thee” “returns to you seven times”
Luke 17:9 “that servant” “the slave”
Luke 18:28 “we have left all” “we have left our own homes
Luke 19:5 “he looked up, and saw him” “he looked up”
Luke 19:27 “those mine enemies” “these enemies of mine”
Luke 19:29 “his disciples” “the disciples”
Luke 19:31 “say unto him” “say”
Luke 19:40 “he answered and said unto them” “Jesus answered”
Luke 19:45 “and them that bought” (phrase not included)
Luke 20:1 “one of those days” “one of the days”
Luke 20:3 “one thing” “a question”
Luke 20:13 “when they see him” (phrase not included)
Luke 20:14 “come, let us kill him” “let us kill him”
Luke 20:23 “Why tempt ye me?” (phrase not included)
Luke 20:24 “They answered and said” “They said”
Luke 20:28 “die . . . and he die without children” dies . . . and he is childless
Luke 20:32 “Last of all” “Finally”
Luke 20:34 “Jesus answering said” “Jesus said”
Luke 22:14 “the twelve apostles” “the apostles”
Luke 22:18 “I will not drink” “I will not drink . . . from now on”
Luke 22:34 “before that thou shalt thrice deny” “until you have denied three times”
Luke 22:39 “his disciples” “the disciples”
Luke 22:49 “they said unto him” “they said”
Luke 22:57 “he denied him” “he denied it
Luke 22:61 “cock crow” “rooster crows today”
Luke 22:64 “they struck him on the face” (phrase not included)
Luke 22:68 “nor let me go” (phrase not included)
Luke 23:2 “the nation” “our nation”
Luke 23:6 “Pilate heard of Galilee” “Pilate heard it”
Luke 23:8 “had heard many things of him” “had been hearing about Him”
Luke 23:20 “Pilate therefore” “Pilate”
Luke 23:35 “rulers also with them derided him” “rulers were sneering at Him”
Luke 23:39 “If thou be Christ” “Are You not the Christ?”
Luke 23:43 “Jesus said unto him” “He said to him”
Luke 23:51 “who also himself waited” “who was waiting”
Luke 24:1 “and certain others with them” (phrase not included)
Luke 24:11 “their words” “these words”
Luke 24:12 “clothes laid by themselves” “linen wrappings only”
Luke 24:21 “to day is the third day” “it is the third day”
Luke 24:36 “Jesus himself” “He Himself”
Luke 24:46 “and thus it behoved Christ to suffer” “that the Christ would suffer”
Luke 24:49 “tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem” “stay in the city”