I Corinthians Minor Variants

Reference KJV(Byz ) NASV (other manuscripts)
I Cor. 1:15 “say that I had baptized” “say you were baptized”
I Cor. 2:10 “his Spirit” “the Spirit”
I Cor. 2:13 “the Holy Ghost” “the Spirit”
I Cor. 3:10 “I have laid the foundation” “I laid a foundation”
I Cor. 3:12 “this foundation” “the foundation”
I Cor. 3:13 “the fire” “the fire itself”
I Cor. 4:6 “not to think of men above that which is written” “not to exceed what is written”
I Cor. 5:1 “as is not so much as named among the Gentiles” “of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles”
I Cor. 5:7 “sacrificed for us” “sacrificed”
I Cor. 7:1 “wrote unto me” “wrote”
I Cor. 7:13 “let her not leave him” “she must not send her husband away”
I Cor. 7:14 “the husband” “her believing husband”
I Cor. 7:17 “as God hath distributed” “as the Lord has assigned”
I Cor. 7:17 “as the Lord hath called” “as God has called”
I Cor. 7:31 “use this world” “use the world”
I Cor. 7:37 “his heart” “his own heart”
I Cor. 7:38 “he that giveth her in marriage” “he who gives his own virgin daughter in marriage”
I Cor. 7:39 “bound by the law” “bound”
I Cor. 8:4 “none other God but one” “no God but one”
I Cor. 9:1 “Jesus Christ our Lord” “Jesus our Lord”
I Cor. 9:10 “in hope should be partaker of his hope” “in hope of sharing the crops
I Cor. 9:18 “gospel of Christ” “gospel”
I Cor. 9:21 “law to God” “law of God”
I Cor. 9:21 “law to Christ” “law of Christ”
I Cor. 9:23 “this I do” “I do all things”
I Cor. 10:23a “lawful for me” “lawful”
I Cor. 10:23b “lawful for me” “lawful”
I Cor. 11:2 “I praise you, brethren” “I praise you”
I Cor. 11:26 “this cup” “the cup”
I Cor. 12:6 “but it is the same God” “but the same God”
I Cor. 12:9 “healing by the same Spirit” “healing by the one Spirit”
I Cor. 12:12 “members of that one body” “members of the body”
I Cor. 12:13 “drink into one Spirit” “drink of one Spirit”
I Cor. 13:10 “. . . perfect is come, then . . .” “. . . perfect comes, . . .”
I Cor. 14:10 “none of them is without signification” “no kind is without meaning.”
I Cor. 14:18 “I thank my God” “I thank God”
I Cor. 14:25 “And thus are the secrets . . .” “the secrets . . .”
I Cor. 14:26 “every one of you” “each one”
I Cor. 14:34 “your women” “The women”
I Cor. 14:39 “brethren” “my brethren”
I Cor. 15:20 “become the firstfruits” “the first fruits”
I Cor. 15:29 “baptized for the dead” “baptized for them”
I Cor. 15:31 “I protest by your rejoicing” “I affirm, brethren, by the boasting”
I Cor. 15:39 “another of birds” “another flesh of birds”
I Cor. 15:44 “There is a natural body” “If there is a natural body”
I Cor. 15:44 “there is a spiritual body” “there is also a spiritual body
I Cor. 16:22 “the Lord Jesus Christ” “the Lord”
I Cor. 16:33 “the Lord Jesus Christ” “the Lord Jesus”
I Cor. 16:34 “Amen” (word not included)